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We are pleased to announce that we hae now a PC-7 Squadron Leader.

It is a pleasure to have a leader that is a real PC-7 Instructor on the Air Force of Guatemala.

Welcome on Board Andres Moran !!

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Swiss Virtual Airforce | Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

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The Swiss Air Force utilizes the Pilatus Porter PC-6 as a light transport category aircraft. Its robust design and short-field take-off and landing capability allows it to operate in nearly every region. The Air Force procured 6 Turbo Porters in 1976, and at the same time the already operated piston-engined Porters underwent modifications whereby the new high performance turbo-propeller turbines were installed (PC-6 retrofit).
Today the Porter serves mainly as a transport aircraft for personnel and equipment and is further utilized in scouting operations and in the dropping of parabats. The Porter also aids in combating forest fires with the aid of a built-in water tank. In the event of a war these Porters will be incorporated into a utility aircraft squadron. 2 Porters got lost in accidents.

Technical Data 


Max. speed:
244 km/hr
Max. rate of climb:
10 m/s
Max. flightlevel:
10'000 m/asl
Flight endurance:
6 hours
1'336 km
Tapered high wing, all-metal fuselage
11 m
3.2 m
Width span:
15.2 m
Empty weight:
1'330 kg
Permissable load:
1'440 kg
Max. take off weight:
2'770 kg
Model Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 (575 PS)
Free-spool turbo-prop
Max. Rpm:
3'300 rev/Min
Dual cockpit controls, flaps, equipped for instrument and night flying

Where to get?

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