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The Training Manuals for the Tiger F-5 and for the Pilatus PC-9 have been posted today. Please find the manuals here
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Swiss Virtual Airforce | Organization


The Commander of the whole Swiss Virtual Airforce is Major Martin "Hollywood" Muehlemann.
Chief of Staff is Benedikt Bruelisauer

The other positions will be named in near future.


The Command of the SvAF works closely toghther with the squadron leaders that are in charge of managing the squadron under their command. Addtionaly the Command will communicate with external authorities (e.g. IVAO/VATSIM SO) in order to have an alignment of policies and/or track missbehaviour of individual pilots. If there are any.

Serveral administrative positions are to be named that will assist the command in it's work.

  • ATO Planning
  • Events planning
  • Flight planning
  • Aircraft evaluation (New FS Models)
  • Marketing
  • Human Ressources


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