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Swiss Virtual Airforce | Rules


We want to make flight operations as realistic as possible. In order to fullfill we have established this operations guide and we encourage all pilots to read it very carefully

In order to insure i high professionalism of our pilots, all our flight operations are based on FS Flightkeeper. We want to insure that flighthours a pilot aquires, are obtained on a fair basis without cheating.


1. Sign up requirements

  • You must be as a minimum of 16 years old

  • You are willing to fly at least one flight per month

  • You understand that the use of inappropriate language, harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated by the managment

  • I will comply with all of the rules stated in this pilot operations manual

  • You must have read the technical requirements here

If anything is unclear do not hesitate and contact any member of the staff.


2. Pilot applications

If you want to register, just follow the link on the right hand side


3. Pilot Ranks and Aircraft Types

We consider pilots as part of their responsibility to control themself and not to fly aircrafts they are not certified for. We will do random spotchecks to enforce this rule.

Leutnant - Trainee

0 - 25 hrs

Pilatus P-3 / PC-7 / PC-9


26 - 60 hrs

PC-7 / PC-9 / Demo Team (PC-9) / Falcon50 / Helo


61 - 150 hrs

PC-7 / PC-9 / Tiger F-5 (Training) / Helo


151 - 350 hrs

PC-7 / PC-9 / Tiger F-5 / Demo Team (F5) / Helo


351 - 700 hrs

PC-7 / PC-9 / Tiger F-5 / Demo Team (F5) / FA-18 (Training)


701 - 900 hrs

PC-7 / PC-9 / Tiger F-5 / Demo Team (F5) / FA-18


901 - 1200 hrs

No restrictions

Chief Flight Instructor

1201 - 2000 hrs

No restrictions

Fleet Chief

2000+ hrs

No restrictions

4. Flight Time Transfer

We understand the need of pilots to transfer the flight time from other virtual airlines. The management does accept the transfer, of flighthours from other military airforces. Send us a link to the pilot roster of the old VA to proof your flight times.


5. Callsigns & Registration

Callsign: Swiss Airforce


6. Slew and Simulation rate

The use of slew mode is not permitted.

7. Reporting your flights

All flights shall be reported in the pirep system no matter if logged on VATSIM.


8. Online flying - IVAO / VATSIM

Most of the flights are performed online. Either on VATSIM or on FS Host (


9. Offline flights

Some assignments can be done either online or offline as they don't require multiplayer. We ecourage all to use FS Flightkeeper to keep the data of the flight.


10. Termination of membership

The Swiss Virtual Airforce command reserves the right to terminate the mambership at any time if serious rule violation or cheating is being detected.


Thanks for your attention

The Swiss Virtual Airforce Command

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