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Written by Martin Muehlemann   
Tuesday, 25 September 2007 15:32



About the Swiss Virtual Air Force


Thank you for your interest in the Swiss Virtual Air Force (SvAF).

1. Objective

The Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF) is a group of flightsim enthusiasts who wants to bring the Swiss Air Force alive on the internet and into the Microsoft Flight Simulator environment. We fly on online or offline with Swiss military aircrafts such as in real life. New members also have the opportunity to follow a training program or just to fly for flight hours.

2. Concept

Swiss military aviation simulated in FS9 or FSX, this is the main concept.
Althoug, Microsoft Flight Simulator is mainly a civil simulator software, it has migrated more and more to be used by military enthusiasts too. More and more military projects have been started in the MSFS area. The launch of the MS Acceleration Pack, containing an FA/18 Hornet underlines this fact. While other countries already have professional looking and professional managed virtual airlines, Switzerland till now had no real deal. Some projects certainly were there in the past, but most of them were given up because of insufficient time. SvAF intends to simulate the SAF as close as possible, always with the limitation on "public" classified materials. We do not offer any non "public" information at all. This will certainly limit the "as real as it gets" feeling. However we are certain to bring an excellent platform to the world out there.
We understand that we cannot simulate the entire SAF. We have decided to limit ourselfs to what we are able to handle and build up subsequently squadron by squadron. The key is the staff. We always are looking for new staff. Just send us an email mailto:info[at]vsaf[dot]ch

3. Trade-Offs

Microsoft Flight Simulator only offers a limited set of weapon systems. We are bound to these capabilities.

4. Costs

The membership in the Swiss Virtual Airforce is free of any charges.
The Swiss Virtual Airforce Command keeps the right to distribute hosting costs on staff members.
Development and Hosting of the Swiss Virtual Airforce does issue costs. We are pleased to receive any free contributions from members.

5. Code of Conduct

  1. Pilots at all times must show courtesy and respect towards their fellow pilots and other individuals ,especially when representing Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF). This includes, but is not limited to, the forum, VATSIM and email.
  2. By posting in the forum, you agree to abide by SvAF rules at all times. These rules are found in the forum. Topics may be locked/deleted in the forums at any time without notice.
  3. At no time is a pilot to use the forums as place for rude behaviour, threats or bad language. If anyone is found to be causing offence or harming another individual, that person/persons will be immediately expelled from the Airline.


  1. All files and design on this site are property of Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF) and may not be distributed or copied without the prior consent of the CEO of Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF).
  2. The fleet is copyrighted to their respected owners and may not be redistributed or sold without the consent of their respected owners.
  3. This website is brought to you free of charge. Abuse of bandwidth, or this site, will be dealt with by the Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF) Board of Directors and can result in a banned IP.
  4. You are using this site, and downloading files off of this site at your own risk. Even though we run make every effort in virus protection, Swiss Virtual Airforce (SvAF) or its owners, will not take responsibility for any damage caused or afflicted to your computer system.


7. Privacy & Data Retention

All personal information we obtain from you will be used only for this virtual airline and it's affiliates. The information is kept secret and will be destroyed after your leave. Passwords are personal an not known by the staff. There is an automated recovery process in place.

The Swiss Virtual Airforce Command


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