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We are pleased to announce that we hae now a PC-7 Squadron Leader.

It is a pleasure to have a leader that is a real PC-7 Instructor on the Air Force of Guatemala.

Welcome on Board Andres Moran !!

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Swiss Virtual Airforce | Requirements


Like all real air forces, we have some requirements you have to be aware of before enlisting. We differentiate between MUST have and RECOMMENDED. All MUST have requirements are needed to be able to participate in our air force. You are free to use any recommended stuff.


  • FSX (Preferred) or Flight Simulator 2004
  • IVAO (Preferred) or VATSIM Account
  • IvAP or FSinn / FSCopilot
  • Teamspeak 2
  • Microphone


  • FSX Acceleration Pack
  • Captain SimĀ  XLoad FA-18 D
  • FlyLogic Switzerland Professional 2004 / X
  • FlyLogic Tiger II 2.x or 3.x
  • Freeware Airports of Emmen, Meiringen, Payerne, Axalp
  • Carenado T36B (P-3)
  • IRIS PC-9 Turbo Trainer
  • FlyLogic Patrouille Suisse (Emmen Airbase & Axalp Scenery)
  • FlyLogic Sion 2005 Airbase
  • Track IR
  • FRAPS Video Recording
  • FS Flightkeeper

Note: This page is being constantly extende/modified
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