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Welcome to the Swiss Virtual Air Force


Thank you for your interest in the Swiss Virtual Air Force (SvAF).

Our mission is to enhance flight simulation experiences and to provide a different type of online and offline flying environment. As you progress in the SvAF, you will have many opportunities to participate in operations, and the ability to move up in rank and position. We will be watching every member very closely for leadership potential, then promote him or her to a command position. Hopefully the SvAF will help you to accomplish goals that you may have.

Due to the fact that we are a military virtual air force, you are required to be at least 16 years. Training will be done mostly only. You will require a permanent connection to the internet with an average speed download of 3'500 Kbps and at least 300 KBps for upload. Additionally you will need to fullfill the required 25 Hrs of Training withing 60 Days after your enlistement.

Due to the high level of requirements it will be necessary to own certain number of tools. Further information can be found here

The selection process consists of four steps:


1. Flying asessment

The first step is to complete a very simple assesment. The purpose of the enlistment assessment is to illustrate your ability to fly a simple flight profile by following basic instructions. The very nature of our aircraft and missions require us to ensure that each member is capable of performing basic flight maneuvers consistently. Don't let the check flight make you nervous or discourage you. We realize that there are varying levels of experience. We are only assuring you have at least a general idea of what to do and are able to follow instructions. Detailed information can be found here.

The assessment will be performed on a Pilatus P-3 aircraft.

The duration is scheduled for one hour.

Airport for the assessment is Emmen Airbase


2. Military training

Once you have been accepted as a trainee, you will have to complete several flying trainings. This training are the minimum requirements to be accepted as a full member of the SvAF.

The training will take 25 hrs of your time and has a maximum time limit of 60 days to complete

The training will be done one several Pilatus aircrafts (P-3, PC-9)


3. Final assessment

After completing the 25 hrs of training you will be officialy a member of the SvAF. A final assessment will be performed by one of our flight instructors.


4. Employment by the SvAF

You are now a member of the SvAF and as such responsible for your training. As you continue in your career with us you will be able to fly more and more aircrafts. SvAF keeps the right to track the skills of a fighter pilots at any time. A flying assessment is required in any case when changing the squadron that uses another aircraft type.



Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

The SvAF Command



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